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Modernized Diagnostics
industrial design
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Pathology is at the cornerstone of diagnostic medicine. But, with a steady decline of available pathologists worldwide, it has become increasingly difficult to find skilled professionals for diagnoses and treatment plans—emphasizing the growing need for a more streamlined biopsy sample management solution. Pathware develops elegant and intuitive hardware and software that simplifies the critical

diagnostic workflow, enabling pathologists to increase their efficiency without sacrificing quality of care. Their cloud-based software helps simplify the pathology workflow and reduce the rate of repeat procedures. Pathware teamed up with Tactile for our ability to deliver a holistic product solution that met their need for elegant design and technical confidence.

Our Collaborative Approach

Together with Pathware, Tactile approached the challenge of designing a home for their revolutionary software, Bioptic™, a real-time slide reading device for pathologists. Looking to Tactile for direction, Pathware wanted the physical device to be elegant and design-forward while delivering an intuitive end-to-end user experience from physical input methods to digital UI.

Additionally, branding was explored to build confidence and trust with patients and customers. Bringing Pathware’s unique vision of the future together was going to require a comprehensive design approach. One that leveraged all of Tactile’s core disciplines – UX, ID, CMF, and Branding – plus Pathware’s medical expertise.

Understanding the Challenge

To begin the project it was essential to have a clear idea of the existing challenges and opportunities within the Pathology space. Starting with the physician who is responsible for evaluating and determining adequacy of the samples taken. Through the process of collecting and analyzing the sample.

By mapping out the Pathology workflow, Tactile was able to thoroughly understand how the Bioptic device would be able to improve the existing process. It was Tactile’s job to create elegant interactions between both the physical and digital components of the device, making rapid on-site evaluation a possibility.

A Focus on Safety and Reliability

Part of Tactile’s holistic approach was to bridge the disciplinary divide between physical and digital design. To create a seamless, comprehensive user experience that solved core problems while creating a unified solution for the Bioptic device. While the vision for the physical device was born from the tradition of slide microscopes, the industrial design was driven by our principles of crafting beautiful, functional products.

Focus was put into all aspects of the industrial design. From the built-in redundancies often found in medical devices, which protect the safety and viability of the procedures being administered. To the creation of an elegant and approachable exterior that builds confidence and allows the focus to remain on the job at hand.

Physical Meets Digital

Understanding the context of the physician’s physical environment was key to delivering the right digital UI solution. With time being a critical factor, and users likely wearing gloves, we needed to create a UI that was simple, intuitive, and required minimal interaction.

Working from the physical screen specs, Tactile produced a minimal UI solution that focused on clarity of information with minimal controls or chrome. The simplified digital interface coordinates what’s on-screen with a rotary encoder allowing the user to navigate main functions one-handed.

The Finishing Touch

As part of our holistic approach, Tactile developed a new brand identity that reflected the simple elegance of both the physical and digital UI, while acknowledging the innovation and impact of the supporting technology.

For the brand design, we chose soft gradients and bold colors that felt strong yet also trustworthy. In an industry inundated with muted blues and soft greens, vibrant technical colors helped Pathware stand out with confidence and precision.

Elegant and Intuitive

In partnership with Pathware, Tactile was able to bring to life an elegant and intuitive medical device. Combining innovative cloud-based software with precision balanced physical and digital UX.

We were able to create a rapid on-site evaluation solution for hospitals, and higher-quality care and peace-of-mind for patients.