Before diving into creating solutions with our clients, our work begins with conversation and research. Collected here, you’ll find a range of thoughts on our industry perspective, process, and envisioning the future. Our roots at Tactile run deeper than what’s designed on the surface.

Overcoming Cognitive Bias: Part 2

We all operate with some level of bias in our work. But there are some practical steps we can take to start overcoming bias.

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Holistic UX

What makes Tactile unique is our approach in weaving together physical and digital design solutions. With this holistic approach, it's our mission to craft meaningful products with lasting relevance and impact.

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Untangling Cognitive Bias: Part 1

Our relationship with bias could use a bit of untangling. Well, what is it exactly? Bias is a word that can run the gamut from lightly dismissing unwanted feedback (“they’re just biased”), to #fakenews, to flawed research that skews...

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User Experience at Tactile

We believe exceptional user experience shouldn't just be for high-end consumer products. As more and more professional tools integrate screens...

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Tactile Design Process

We specialize in designing tools for trusted professionals—the equipment that doctors and other highly trained workers use all day every day to perform at their best. These are the kind of jobs that continually improve the lives of anyone...

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