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Waterpik™ Design Language

Hestan Cue Mobile App


Milwaukee Rotary Laser Level

Tactile provided Meta with tactical industrial design support, focusing on enhancing product, functionality, and user experience along with storytelling. Our collaboration involved deep dives into Meta's design challenges, allowing us to deliver innovative solutions that align with their strategic goals.

Meta Confidential

Keurig CMF Development

Promethean ActivPanel 9

Proprio Paradigm™

Seno Imagio

Kestra ASSURE Wearable Defibrillator

Tactile provided UX design support, aiming to enhance the user experience of their innovative continuous glucose monitoring systems. We focused on creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that cater to the needs of internal Dexcom development teams, patients, and healthcare providers.

Dexcom Confidential

Starbucks Reusable Cup Kiosk

ecobee Design Language

Tactile partnered with Johnson & Johnson to drive innovation through strategic digital and physical design concept development. By aligning with Johnson & Johnson's vision, we delivered designs that enhance user experience, streamline processes, and add value to their diverse range of healthcare solutions.

Johnson & Johnson Confidential

Microsoft Azure Percept Development Kit

Opulus Beauty Labs

Starbucks Professional Design System

Milwaukee Redstick Digital Level

Tactile collaborated closely with Philips to develop digital solutions that are both functional and engaging. Our efforts resulted in enhanced interfaces that cater to the needs of users, ensuring a smooth and satisfying interaction with Philips' innovative healthcare and lifestyle products.

Philips Confidential

StarbucksIoT Dashboard

Tektronix Design Language

DCI TeraTrak R1

Starbucks Temperature Sensing Tablet App

Fluke LinkIQ™ Cable + Network Tester

Solta Thermage

Xbox Special Editions

Tactile partnered with Zebra Technologies to provide comprehensive industrial design concept development support. Our efforts resulted in products that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional, ensuring Zebra maintains its leadership in the market.

Zebra Technologies Confidential

Ebb Insomnia Therapy

Genie Tech Pro Link Handheld

EKOS Control Unit 4.0

Mechanical Engineering

Genie Visual Brand Language

Verathon BladderScan Prime

Tactile collaborated with Stryker to advance product architecture concept development, focusing on innovative solutions that enhance medical device functionality and usability. We developed cutting-edge concepts that support Stryker's commitment to delivering top-tier emergency medical systems.

Stryker Confidential

Intel RealSense™ Foot Scanner

Gates Foundation Research & Strategy

Dynon Avionics SkyView™ HDX

Intellectual Ventures Lab Vaccine Storage System

Shift Labs Drip Assist

L’Oréal Clarisonic

Microsoft Envisioning Center

Tactile worked closely with Ball Aerospace to create intuitive, engaging interfaces and compelling visual narratives that effectively communicate complex concepts. Through our partnership, we've helped elevate their projects, making advanced aerospace technologies more accessible and understandable for diverse audiences.

Ball Aerospace Confidential

Steth IOSmartphone Stethoscope

EAWmosaic Mobile App

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