Your Trash is Recology’s Treasure

August 13, 2019

Last week Tactile visited Recology’s recycling center in Seattle to get an idea of where our trash goes and how it’s repurposed. Recology’s mission is to “create a world without waste by developing and discovering sustainable resource recovery practices that can be implemented globally.” Just let that sit with you for a minute and imagine living in a world without waste. Recology wants to educate in order to advocate and initiate change. A few highlights from our visit: 1) Seattle fills a mile long, double-decker train with garbage to Oregon every day because we create way too much garbage and we’ve run out of landfill space, 2) in America alone, each person produces about three pounds of trash per day (not including recyclables), 3) the recycling logo on products and packaging doesn’t always mean it’s recyclable, 4) depending on the recyclable, it gets processed at various locations: bottles are local, cans are sent to California, and much of the plastics are sent overseas, and 5) although much of the sorting is still done by hand at the facilities, they use a machine that’s equipped with AI and IR to identify and eject plastic into the recycling bins using compressed air. Check out our Instagram post for more photos and videos from our visit. And now, consider yourself informed—reduce and recycle responsibly!

Zero Waste Challenge Results

August 2, 2019

After completing a one-week zero waste challenge, it was obvious that achieving zero waste in our everyday lives is very hard to do. Key takeaways for us (in order of priority) are to reduce what we consume overall, compost as much as possible, find alternatives that are reusable and recyclable. Here are some of our findings from the week and the immediate changes we can make. Whenever and wherever possible: 1) use reusable coffee mugs for buying coffee-to-go, 2) carry a hanker-chief for drying clean, wet hands, 3) use reusable bags for shopping and storing food, 4) buy from the bulk food section whenever possible, 5) shop at farmers markets to eat more fresh, whole foods, 6) use a soda stream for carbonated water and other beverages, and 7) buy refillable beer growlers. We hope our small changes continue to grow into large scale changes for ourselves and others. Now it’s your turn. We challenge you to find ways to minimize waste and reduce your carbon footprint. Go!

Zero Waste Challenge

July 12, 2019

Climate change continues to make headline news and as designers of things, we’re constantly tasked with designing long-lasting products. On top of mind for us at Tactile is designing for a sustainable future and lowering overall carbon emissions. To better understand our own consumption and waste and to be a part of building awareness of how humans contribute to global warming, starting today we’re doing a zero waste challenge (including recyclables) for a week. Our ultimate goal is to reduce, reuse, and compost as much as possible. The average person makes about three pounds of garbage a day! We hope our zero waste challenge sparks change in others. We’ll keep you posted on our results!

Senior ID Contractors Wanted

June 18, 2019

Tactile is hiring! We’re looking for senior level industrial designers (contract-only) for both our Seattle and Boston studios (must be local). You will have the opportunity to collaborate with cross-disciplinary teams from idea to conception with design at its core. We work on a wide spectrum of exciting and challenging projects that allow our designers to gain new experiences, learn and advance their craft. For Seattleites, apply HERE. For Bostonians, apply HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!

ecobee Releases SmartSensors

June 17, 2019

Earlier this month, ecobee launched its all-new room sensor—the SmartSensor. Paired seamlessly with ecobee SmartThermostat, SmartSensor provides additional temperature and occupancy readings wherever you place them throughout your home to enhance comfort and help you save when you’re away. Fully redesigned and complementary to any room décor, SmartSensor can be positioned on any flat surface by its magnetic base or be mounted to the wall. Tactile is honored and proud to be part of the design collaboration with ecobee. Hats off to ecobee and the design team!

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