At Tactile, in addition to client work, we maintain an ongoing practice of creating conceptual design studies. These studies are a dynamic exploration of a wide range of ideas, encompassing intriguing forms, user experiences, and trends in Color, Material, and Finish (CMF). Our commitment to conceptual design studies allows us to stay at the forefront of innovation and creativity. It ensures that we are not only responsive to client needs but also proactive in pushing the boundaries of design and staying ahead of industry trends.

Robotic Arm

Robotic integration has rapidly expanded across various industries, driving the need for specialized designs. In response, Tactile designed a versatile robotic arm design study concept, catering to medical, warehouse, and consumer applications.

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Sound Machine

Sound machines designed for aiding sleep are inherently simple in their functionality, often equipped with basic controls for volume and selecting desired recordings.

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Face Brush

Modeled in Sharper3d iPad CAD, the Face Brush design study was a chance to showcase the impacts of material and color choices, and in addition, involved adding surface patterning to further...

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In a world where technology constantly evolves, record players remain beloved for their timeless appeal and user-friendly operation. Rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel, this study focuses on the art of refinement.

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Electric screwdrivers, originally intended for household use, frequently feature designs more suited for industrial work environments. The initial phase of our design process involved streamlining the overall...

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Sound Filter

Precision is paramount in the operation of sound filters. This study presented a unique chance to convey this precision by integrating it into a product with a combination of physical design and digital interaction.

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