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Elevating the Experience: Tactile at APEX 2013

(Photo by Kuster & Wildhaber Photography) A small Tactile team takes off for Anaheim this week for the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) Expo. For several years running, we have worked on next–generation concepts with Panasonic Avionics, the world leader in in–flight entertainment and communications (IFEC) systems. Our shared mission: Don’t just provide passengers with the same entertainment and connectivity in the air they can access on the ground—make the experience superlative. Airplanes are a unique environment, to say the least, exemplified by ultra–compact furniture and limited services. There are constraints and considerations in the air that simply aren’t present in the average living room. But that’s where Panasonic and Tactile shine: Turning limitations into opportunities to make the inside of an airplane feel a little more like home, work or your favorite coffee shop. Together, we continue to explore new and meaningful ways to embed technology in the in–flight experience so every passenger feels entertained and delighted. Streamlined, comfortable handsets. Optimized touch–screen displays. Intuitive interaction. Who knows? A sophisticated, well–designed environment might inspire passengers to fly more—and perhaps be sad when the plane lands. At APEX, we expect to see widespread efforts to integrate the in–flight experience more closely into the passenger journey. Armed with advanced technology and thoughtful design, a comfortable, connected ride becomes as crucial a part of travel as exploring the destination.

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