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Genie Z60 Wins

The Genie Z60 wins Construction Equipment’s Top 100 New Products of 2016 Award. We’re proud and honored to have worked with Genie on this product. Read more about our collaboration with Genie in designing the visual brand language across a family of products. Congratulations to the Genie team!
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Brand Elevation

A best-in-class product line deserves a strong visual language. We continued our local partnership with the Genie team, leveraging the passion and attention to detail of longtime Genie staff and loyal fans to understand the Genie brand story and bring it to life. Together, we designed a product line that feels reliable, intuitive, accessible, and safe.

About Us

We believe great tools cultivate meaningful experiences that can improve our working and living conditions. We’re guided by the principle that functional should also be beautiful and enjoyable. For over 15 years we’ve relied on building trust and collaborative relationships with our clients to do just that.

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