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Healthy Anticipation

The internet was abuzz last week with the announcement of Apple’s Health app and HealthKit data repository—and the multitude of hardware and software integrations likely to follow (like the one with Cue, a “personal molecular-level testing device, which can give you an instant read on your influenza status). Aside from Health’s mass appeal, the most notable news to us is Apple’s collaboration with big healthcare players like the Mayo Clinic and EPIC. EPIC, the 800-pound gorilla in Electronic Health Records software, began pulling data from popular tracking devices like Fitbit and Withings into its MyChart for patients a few years ago. Still, health information interfaces for both providers and consumers, like EPIC’s, remain clunky and substantially less usable than your typical smartphone app. Apple’s foray into health management represents an opportunity for EPIC to stay at the forefront of the data revolution. It remains to be seen, though, whether a partnership with Apple—known for its focus on brand and an elegant user interface–will influence the day-to-day experience of accessing health data beyond the smartphone.

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