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Tektronix 3 and 4 Series Hit the Market

This past summer our friends at Tektronix released the 3 Series MDO (Mixed Domain Oscilloscope) and the 4 Series MSO (Mixed Signal Oscilloscope). Emulating the 5 Series MSO design language, the 3 Series MDO and 4 Series MSO are Tektronix’s newest mid-range oscilloscopes offering high-definition touch screens, enabling engineers to view digital data streams, ongoing measurements, and database information in addition to the conventional analog traces. The new oscilloscopes simplify the development of embedded products, ranging from televisions to IoT and radio-based devices. We’re honored to have worked with Tektronix on the design language of their flagship products. Visit our 5 Series MSO case study for a look back on our first design collaboration with Tektronix.
Tektronix 5 Series MSO


Tektronix Releases the 5 Series MSO

It’s finally here! Last week our friends at Tektronix released their newest oscilloscope—the 5 Series MSO. With multiple patent-pending design elements, the 5 Series MSO features a 15.6-inch HD pinch-zoom-swipe touchscreen offering a revolutionary experience. The 5 Series MSO is the next-generation oscilloscope in observing and measuring complex electrical data. Learn more about the 5 Series MSO here. We’re so proud to be a part of an incredible collaboration. Congrats Tektronix!

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