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Meet savvy UX designer Kim Gladow. A Western Washington University grad, Kim is the very definition of versatile. She produces, shoots and edits beautiful videos; she creates sophisticated interface architectures; and she’s a talented graphic designer and front-end developer. What’s more, Kim is equally comfortable shaping UX strategy with key consumer clients and building out visual identity assets for industrial equipment interfaces. “I love working on projects that disrupt the normal or expected. I have the most fun designing across platforms and disciplines (ID + UX, video + UX) within a single project. In those instances, function governs form and content dictates the platform—and it’s interesting when the outcome is not just a website, but an entire system.” Kim cites Seattle as a compelling place to be involved in UX because design here is often about relevance over novelty. “Sometimes it’s about innovation. Often, though, it’s updating design for industries with 10–20 year product iterations; they’re not as deeply connected with design, so they’re thrilled with something that’s new and better than before—and it sets them on a brand new path.” When Kim’s not tackling a multipart project, she’s playing ultimate frisbee in a weird costume, traveling or crushing on cephalapods.

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