news It’s 2023—Happy New Year!


Cheers to a New Year

Let's raise a glass! 2021 was another whirlwind of a year--we're grateful for all the opportunities we were a part of and the new relationships we formed. We're looking forward to all the new and...


We’re Hiring: UX Designers

We're growing our UX team in both our Seattle and Boston studios. During the current global COVID-19 pandemic, we’re mostly working remotely. So initially, we’re looking for remote UX Designers (contract, contract to hire, and full-time)...

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Phew, 2021 is finally here.

2020 brought the darkest of days with challenges, obstacles, and the loss of loved ones. Although a new year can't remove the pain, we're hopeful 2021 will bring new beginnings, happiness, and hope. Happy New Year from all of us at Tactile...


Holistic UX

UX plays a critical role in product development, yet it means a lot of things to a lot of people. At Tactile, UX design means caring about another person’s product experience, holistically. We approach product...


A Party Under the Sea

Halloween is coming! Last year we took everyone to space. This year, we’re taking you into the deep sea where some say is home to some of the most terrifying creatures. Grab your costume and join us on October 28 for Tactile’s 9th annual Halloween party—a frightfully good time with our friends. Come if you dare—we’re dying to see you! Email us for more details.
Tektronix 5 Series MSO


Tektronix Releases the 5 Series MSO

It’s finally here! Last week our friends at Tektronix released their newest oscilloscope—the 5 Series MSO. With multiple patent-pending design elements, the 5 Series MSO features a 15.6-inch HD pinch-zoom-swipe touchscreen offering a revolutionary experience. The 5 Series MSO is the next-generation oscilloscope in observing and measuring complex electrical data. Learn more about the 5 Series MSO here. We’re so proud to be a part of an incredible collaboration. Congrats Tektronix!


Healthy Anticipation

The internet was abuzz last week with the announcement of Apple’s Health app and HealthKit data repository—and the multitude of hardware and software integrations likely to follow (like the one with Cue, a “personal molecular-level testing device, which can give you an instant read on your influenza status). Aside from Health’s mass appeal, the most notable news to us is Apple’s collaboration with big healthcare players like the Mayo Clinic and EPIC. EPIC, the 800-pound gorilla in Electronic Health Records software, began pulling data from popular tracking devices like Fitbit and Withings into its MyChart for patients a few years ago. Still, health information interfaces for both providers and consumers, like EPIC’s, remain clunky and substantially less usable than your typical smartphone app. Apple’s foray into health management represents an opportunity for EPIC to stay at the forefront of the data revolution. It remains to be seen, though, whether a partnership with Apple—known for its focus on brand and an elegant user interface–will influence the day-to-day experience of accessing health data beyond the smartphone.


All Over the Place

Meet savvy UX designer Kim Gladow. A Western Washington University grad, Kim is the very definition of versatile. She produces, shoots and edits beautiful videos; she creates sophisticated interface architectures; and she’s a talented graphic designer and front-end developer. What’s more, Kim is equally comfortable shaping UX strategy with key consumer clients and building out visual identity assets for industrial equipment interfaces. “I love working on projects that disrupt the normal or expected. I have the most fun designing across platforms and disciplines (ID + UX, video + UX) within a single project. In those instances, function governs form and content dictates the platform—and it’s interesting when the outcome is not just a website, but an entire system.” Kim cites Seattle as a compelling place to be involved in UX because design here is often about relevance over novelty. “Sometimes it’s about innovation. Often, though, it’s updating design for industries with 10–20 year product iterations; they’re not as deeply connected with design, so they’re thrilled with something that’s new and better than before—and it sets them on a brand new path.” When Kim’s not tackling a multipart project, she’s playing ultimate frisbee in a weird costume, traveling or crushing on cephalapods.

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