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Dynon Avionics
SkyView HDX

Premier Skyview Experience
industrial design

The Dynon SkyViewHDX is a premium flight display that integrates into electronic flight instrument systems of experimental and light sport aircraft. SkyView HDX boasts improved displays, unprecedented control ergonomics, and an enhanced touch interface.

Utilizing both the touch user interface and physical controls, SkyView HDX is offered in both seven and ten-inch displays and is compatible with all of Dynon Avionics’ existing SkyView components. SkyView HDX is a 2017 IDEA Award Finalist.

Traditional Design Departure

To remain competitive in the electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) product category, Tactile was challenged with designing a next generation cockpit display that is both ergonomic and intuitive.

In collaboration with Dynon Avionics, we conducted research that led to a fundamental change of the input features and how the physical controls impacted the user interface. These design changes are critical for pilots to feel safer and more confident in flying the EFIS.


As part of the research process, the design team went on multiple inflight trips, observed user testing study sessions, and created low-fidelity mockups to better understand all aspects of the pilot experience. A primary goal was to design a better touch experience through a hardware solution.

During our inflight research, we discovered critical usability issues with touch interfaces and the turbulent cabin environment. Pilots often rest their arms, hands, or wrists on surfaces to help with stabling the controls. To provide a more comfortable resting touchpoint, an angled control panel was designed just below the touchscreen, offering a natural and ergonomic solution. The angled control panel that contains the rotary encoders and contextual buttons is a uniquely new and improve ergonomic hardware solution.

Custom Improvements

The overall design solution was based on user testing and the ability to withstand the test of time. We chose to constrain and make the new displays backwards compatible, exposing the hardware. Since aircrafts have varying cockpit interiors, SkyView HDX can accommodate any custom cabin; we designed seven and ten-inch displays.

SkyView HDX offers a higher-resolution touchscreen display, wider viewing angles, and improved anti-reflective surfaces that provide a better on-screen user experience. Additionally, the angled control panel improves hand positioning. All controls are backlit for night flight, and the touchscreen is backed up by manual controls.