Ebb Insomnia Therapy
industrial design

Ebb Insomnia

Treating the Racing Mind
industrial design

Founder of Ebb™ Therapeutics and a board-certified sleep physician, Eric Nofzinger, M.D. is passionate and dedicated to finding successful sleep solutions. Dr. Nofzinger conducted brain imaging studies that led to identifying a breakthrough solution to treat insomnia. By gently cooling the forehead with a precise, clinically-proven therapeutic range, Ebb Insomnia Therapy reduces activity in the frontal cortex (part of the brain behind the forehead) to help calm racing thoughts and get people to sleep quicker without unwanted side-effects.

Ebb Therapeutics called on Tactile to help design Ebb Insomnia Therapy—the first and only FDA-cleared medical device to treat people with insomnia by reducing latency to Stage 1 sleep (the first stage of sleep) and Stage 2 sleep (the second stage and deeper stage that typically represents about half the night). Ebb Insomnia Therapy is a winner of a 2018 MDEA Silver Award.

a Stigma

Home medical devices are often complex, cumbersome and clinical. To avoid this medical device stigma, Ebb Therapeutics wanted a modern and an intuitive product that’s compact enough to fit on a nightstand, serving as both an alarm/clock display and a therapeutic wearable device with a comfortable headband. Tactile observed focus groups to understand product usability and researched headband ergonomics that informed the design.

Considerate Controls

By minimizing buttons and knobs, Tactile focused on the main goal: to improve sleep without the disruption of multiple and confusing controls. A simple and intuitive dead-front display clearly communicates information only when activating the knob, avoiding a constant glowing display that could disrupt sleep.

An optional GentleWake™ setting stops the device from cooling a half hour before wake-up time, enabling a gradual entry into the morning.


Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder with over 55 million Americans suffering from chronic insomnia. With product shipments beginning in Fall 2017, Ebb Therapeutics hopes to reduce this statistic by helping people with insomnia have better nights for better mornings. Visit ebbsleep.com for more information and updates on availability.