L'Oreal Clarisonic L'Oreal Clarisonic
industrial design
color, materials, finish


Sonic Pioneers
industrial design
color, materials, finish

Clarisonic produces a line of clinically proven, professional-grade skin care products. Most notable are their oscillating cleansing brushes. They pioneered the sonic cleansing technology that is now ubiquitous in the health and wellness industry. The silhouette of the original Clarisonic was a classic, curvy hourglass figure. Our successful collaboration resulted in a sleeker structure, what we describe as a young ballerina.

The slender, elegant profile aligns the brand with an updated modern aesthetic. As the most premium product in the market, we shepherded the use of an In Mold Label (IML) and cosmetic stamped metal parts for the first time in the company’s history. These elements are now signature to Clarisonic products. The L’Oréal Clarisonic Alpha Fit is a 2017 IDEA Award Finalist.

Partners in

Clarisonic devices are consumer products that are designed for the professional esthetician and produced to a professional grade. The makers of Clarisonic are scientists first and foremost. Not only are they the industry leader, they invented the industry. And we’re proud to say that for the last six years, every product from Clarisonic has been designed by Tactile.

New Directions

The latest devices in the line of facial cleansing brushes—the FIT series—represent the most radical shift in Clarisonic’s history. Intended to be easily portable for travel, Tactile helped Clarisonic design the Alpha FIT device. The design is a marked departure from the classic hourglass shape of previous Clarisonic brushes, taking the brand into a bold new territory.

As designers, we are tasked with ensuring the appearance of new products contributes toward the superior quality for which our client is recognized.

and Polished

In designing the Alpha FIT, we thought about simplicity. What if you could fit all of the technology in the head of the product? The user would naturally hold the device where their hand rests, right above the brush. The result of this innovation is the first product that fits in the palm of a hand and maintains the aesthetic framework of the Clarisonic family of products. Once the silhouette was decided, the complete transformation took place with careful selection of colors, materials, and finishes.


The FIT family represents a new age of minimalism for Clarisonic. In keeping with the purpose of the product—to give the user beautiful, radiant skin—we pushed for a deep level of refinement; it was a design lesson in subtraction. We knew that to make the very best product, we’d need tight collaboration, and we worked closely with Clarisonic’s engineers and marketing team in developing the FIT line. The result of our partnership are premium, professional-grade, smarter devices that continue to lead the industry.