industrial design
colors, materials, and finishes


Lasting Aesthetic Care
industrial design
colors, materials, and finishes

Solta Medical is a global leader in the aesthetic energy-based device industry, developing innovative treatment technologies that provide proven and effective aesthetic care options to consumers and physicians. Pioneering the technology for non-invasive wrinkle treatment using radiofrequency energy, Solta developed Thermage, a proven

treatment that helps promote the process of new collagen production in wrinkled skin, leaving a smoother, sleeker, and younger appearance. To bring Thermage to the forefront of their product line, Solta partnered with Tactile to redesign Thermage FLX, which would later become the flagship product to initiate a new universal design language (UDL).

Universal Design Language

With Thermage as the introductory product for Solta’s UDL, Tactile addressed the following design challenges:

  • Repeat design elements across other Solta products
  • Use existing engineered internal component architecture
  • Maintain original design concept without compromising product functionality
  • Consider a design language that’s approachable, but is still a serious medical device

Thermage and Beyond

After conducting extensive medical cart/console research and concept development to understand the competitive landscape and users’ needs, the design team worked with Solta’s engineers for

production feasibility and refinement. Thermage FLX’s modernized and timeless design features became a precedent for Solta’s future products.