Bringing Products and Ideas to Life

From hyper-real renderings to stylized animations, the Visualization team at Tactile works with our partners to help bring their products and ideas to life. We work with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their

brand, what story they are trying to tell, and who their audience is. Our job is to amplify their voice through meaningful, thought-provoking visual content.

Making Things Real

Wabi-sabi is a philosophy that explores the relationship between perfection and imperfection. At Tactile, we believe it’s at that intersection where something starts to feel real. Our Visualization team goes to great lengths to create visual assets that are at the appropriate level of “real” for our clients. What is the right tone of lighting? Is it a morning cup of coffee? Is it the summer or the fall? Is it rainy or sunny outside?

These are the types of questions we ask ourselves as we develop a scene that relates to the values of the brand. Keurig strives to bring happiness to every cup, and our scene needs to compliment that. As we create digital coffee, that too must speak to Keurig’s brand values. From the density of the foam, to the style of the caramel swirl, every element is created with brand intention.

Rinse and

Brand standards are developed through the repeatability of image attributes found on the web and in marketing materials. Lighting, camera angle, and materials stay consistent throughout each product image. This process allows us to create assets quicker and at higher quality.

Fueling the Imagination

The environments we create are often dynamic, as if a still image was pulled from an inspired piece of motion. Using particle simulation and physics to provide real-world affects, adds

a level of realism that brings an image to life and fuels the imagination. Through lighting and dust, we take great care in the craft of creating rich environments for our clients and their products.

A Holistic Narrative

Tactile works with Xbox Industrial Design and Brand to develop the overall product narrative, helping to craft the story the product will tell to the consumer. The renderings, animation

and packaging graphics are all created with a single narrative in mind, resulting in brand consistency at every touchpoint.

the Abstract

How do you show a product story about recycled plastics? C4D, combined with a dash of After Affects, creates an exciting animation piece about the rebirth of a controller that’s both compelling and hypnotic.

Tactile was tasked with creating an animation to celebrate the launch of a new Xbox Series S Console. The product explodes with graceful urgency to reveal its beautifully designed internals, highlighting a 1TB upgrade.

And with a subtle use of lighting, darkness descends over the circuit board to foreshadow a transition to a new black colorway.

Aspirational Visual Assets

For companies like Genie, by they time you have a physical product for an on-location photo shoot, you’ve missed the opportunity to build excitement for the product ahead of launch. Through products like

Unreal, we are able to take digital CAD files and place a product in any environment, showcasing any user scenario. Digital offers dynamic, flexible solutions, developed at the right moment for your business.


Not all stories are told using 3D assets. With partners like Starbucks, complex user experience design systems are explained using 2D elements. A video walk-through was created for internal stakeholders,

highlighting a vision of thoughtful consistency implemented across all of their devices behind the counter, setting Starbucks up for success now and in the future.