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Revolutionizing Oral Care
industrial design

Since inventing the original water flosser in 1962, Water Pik, Inc. has become the most trusted name in water flossing. As a proud partner for over 10 years, Tactile has collaborated with Water Pik, Inc. to develop a wide variety of new products from countertop water flossers to handheld devices and shower heads.

With so many products available, Tactile created a universal design language to help unify and reflect the Waterpik™ brand name.

A Trusted Partner

Throughout our partnership, Tactile’s focus has been supporting Water Pik, Inc.’s design needs across different markets. In strategizing together, we have established separate design approaches for flossers and showerheads. Waterpik™ is the #1 selling water flosser in the world and the first to earn the ADA (American Dental Association) Seal of Acceptance.

As a result, we felt it was important develop a brand language with an emphasis on quality and professionalism that would complement any bathroom. Water Pik, Inc. approaches the shower experience with an equal amount of engineering innovation and rigor. We saw an opportunity to reflect consumers’ various home décor styles from traditional to contemporary across the product line.

An Integrated Process

Our breadth of work with Water Pik, Inc. demonstrates how powerful integrating work streams can be. At Tactile, being a valued design partner doesn’t just mean product styling, we strive to dig deep and understand how we can work with our clients’ internal teams to strengthen a product experience.

Whether it’s creating quick prototypes, evaluating internal layouts, or challenging product architectures, we pride ourselves on doing what’s necessary to generate solutions that consider engineering feasibility and manufacturing requirements.

Tools for Every Lifestyle

Waterpik™ water flossers provide a professional-level clean feeling whether you’re at home or on the go. These products have been thoughtfully developed using inclusive design values.

Their pure elegant forms and simple interfaces create an intuitive experience for all.

Therapeutic Power
Designed for the Home

Wellness innovation and the therapeutic power of water are at the heart of Water Pik, Inc. Their engineers manipulate water better than anyone else to deliver a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

Over the last several years we’ve worked with them to define a scalable design language that communicates power and efficacy without sacrificing style across a range of shower head and handle configurations.

Expressive Details

Waterpik™ shower heads deliver unparalleled shower experiences and clinically shown benefits that renew, refresh, and rejuvenate.

We feel it’s important to celebrate these functional innovations through design elements including dynamic surfacing, pattern development, and considered proportions.

Elevated Interactions

Designing multiple products has allowed us to apply consistent details. Circular controls and square profiles define the brand language and tie products together across their family of offerings.

From dished button surfaces to elevated finishes and textures, our aim is to deliver a sense of luxury that will delight Waterpik™’s customers.