Intel, Tactile

Intel Unveils Foot Scanner

January 23, 2017

In an effort to continue Intel’s vision to improve the retail experience, Intel called on Tactile to help further develop a foot scanner to accurately measure shoe sizes. Tactile partnered with Intel previously on a foot scanner concept applying Intel’s RealSense camera technology and using only one camera. This new concept features four Intel RealSense cameras that scan simultaneously around your calves and feet. Unsure if a boot will fit? The cameras will also capture calf width to provide proper measurements for boots too. With more and more people taking their shopping online, Intel hopes to not only improve the overall shopping experience, but to also reduce logistics and costs of returns. Once customers get their in-store measurements, it can be used to make confident online purchases. Brick and mortar become showrooms to get a sense for styles and materials. Intel’s latest foot scanner was recently unveiled at the NRF Big Show in New York and will be showcased at Intel’s internal sales conference later this month.