Last year Tactile partnered with the Michigan Design Council to mentor students participating in the annual Michigan Design Prize competition. Open to all K-12 Michigan students, participants are challenged with coming up with real design solutions to societal issues. Finalists are rewarded by getting paired up with a professional designer to help refine their ideas and bring them to life. Tactile designers teamed up with the following students who each received awards for their designs: Mackenzie Bossory (Homeschool), a gold winner for “Paint-Go-Round”–a timed painting game by switching seats when the timer goes off; Victoria Stokes (Roosevelt Elementary), a silver winner for “Love Birdy Zoom Game”–an interactive game for family and friends; Skylar Hempel, Jada Blue, and Samantha Fenwick (Adlai Stevenson High School), bronze winners for “Isolation Roomz”–a timed obstacle course; and Connor Harrison, Yousif Habsh, and Mario Gjini (Adlai Stevenson High School), silver winners for “Tag Bracelet”–a tag game that uses notifications of who’s “it” on digital bracelets based on six feet proximity between players. It was a great opportunity to offer inspiration and design expertise to the future generation of designers. Congratulations to all the winners!