The founder of Clarisonic, Dr. Robb Akridge, breaks new ground in starting his new company, Opulus Beauty Labs, where they’re launching an innovative system delivering high potency beauty treatments that are freshly activated on demand. The first of its kind, the patented system is comprised of the Opulus Activator™ and single-dose Opoule™ Treatments—a product duo that optimizes the most powerful active ingredients by removing the constraints of conventional packaging, formulation, and thinking. From the very beginning of product inception, Opulus partnered with Tactile to help define user needs, envision the customer journey, exploring brand and product strategy, and product design of the Opulus Activator™ and Opoule™. Tactile worked with engineering and marketing teams to ensure design intent was upheld to production. We’re honored to be a part of the original design collaboration. Congrats to our partners at Opulus Beauty Labs!