Exciting news! We are thrilled to share that Fast Company has spotlighted Tactile’s Cove concept project in their latest article! Cove, our innovative chemotherapy chair, is designed with patient comfort at its core. This concept reimagines the treatment experience, focusing on patients undergoing chemotherapy’s physical and emotional needs. At Tactile, we believe that design has the power to make a difference, and Cove is a testament to this philosophy. By incorporating ergonomic features, customizable settings, and a calming aesthetic, Cove aims to transform the clinical environment into a more supportive and comforting space for patients. Fast Company’s feature highlights how thoughtful design can enhance patient well-being and make challenging treatments more bearable. We are honored to be recognized for our efforts to improve healthcare experiences through design innovation. Read the full article on Fast Company to learn more about how Cove is setting a new standard for patient-centric design.