On February 6 in New York City, Waterpik held an exclusive media event to launch two new products: the Sidekick Water Flosser and the Whitening Water Flosser. Alongside Waterpik, Tactile Design Manager, Jeff Ladwig, helped introduce both product’s design and engineering innovations that are just the beginning of a whole new era of Oral Health Care products. The Sidekick Water Flosser offers all the oral health benefits of a full-sized device, but in an ultra-compact and portable package, making it easy to floss on-the-go. Waterpik’s new Whitening Water Flosser combines patented water flosser and whitening infuser technologies to deliver a gentle whitening agent that’s mixed with water to remove stubborn stains between the teeth and hard-to-reach places. We’re so proud to be a part of the design collaboration!