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user experience design

In collaboration with Mackie, Tactile helped design the EAWmosaic™ mobile app that offers a comprehensive portable solution to optimize live audio setup of RADIUS speakers.

First of its kind, EAWmosaic streamlines the setup process by using intuitive 3D room design and sound prediction techniques accessible from anywhere in your venue. The easy-to-use controls allow for sound adjustments before and during the event.

Path to Progress

As one of the first 3D venue prediction pieces of software available on a mobile app, our main challenge was to design a simple tool that transforms complex modeling data into an intuitive, mobile user experience. Our objectives were clear:

  • Simplify and reduce the number of controls that maximize flexibility and power
  • Provide a self-explanatory flow—from square one to completion—with the flexibility for adjustments
  • Create a modern and informative design with no distractions

Technology That Resonates

Not only is EAWmosaic the best way to optimize the live audio setup of RADIUS speakers, it’s intuitive and simple to learn. A simple PDF can be exported from the app with all the setup information to help guide production crews in the physical setup process.

The easy-to-use controls within the app allow for constant oversight, so users can make adjustments before and during the events. Additionally, EAWmosaic can be paired and used simultaneously with a Mackie Axis mixer and master fader app.

In addressing the visual design language, the team developed several concepts of the 3D environment to map out the look and feel. Realistic 3D imagery was integrated when compatible, simplified flat language was used.

With varying light levels throughout an event, the team maximized visibility of the overall visual design language.

Delivering on Concepts

Tactile partnered with Witekio, a software development company, to help realize Mackie’s vision. By refining initial wireframes with Witekio, the team was able to simplify the setup process and elevate user experience. Newly designed rules and interactions improved:

  • Overall information architecture and app flows, including startup
  • Setting up speaker position, arrangement, and settings
  • Designing the venue space
  • A drag and drop method of adding speakers
  • App organization and architecture