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user interface design
user experience design

Milwaukee Tool is a worldwide industry leader in manufacturing heavy-duty power tools, hand tools, and accessories. For more than 90 years they have innovated trade-specific solutions with advanced technology and unprecedented durability.

Milwaukee Tool reached out to Tactile to help design the user interface for two of their products: the M12™ M-Spector Flex and a new product offering for Milwaukee, the M12™ 102 X77 Infrared Camera.


Our mission was to provide a seamless experience that would allow users to accomplish tasks efficiently from product to product and easily navigate interfaces. With this challenge, the team addressed the following objectives:

  • Simplify the workflow and learning curve
  • Design transitions and motion flows that increase user experience within specifications
  • Develop a visual design language that’s universally easy to use while emanating the Milwaukee brand


Strategic Alignment

Understanding the current landscape of thermal instrumentation and detection tools was crucial in developing a successful user interface. We conducted a thorough analysis of the top imaging tools to identify customer goals, needs, potential pain-points, and opportunities.

Our strategy incorporated patterns for handheld functions for current and future products. In keeping with their brand characteristics—appealing to the working professional, rugged, heavy duty, and reliable—we worked alongside the Milwaukee Tool team to architect products that aligned to user personas.

Best-in-Class Imaging

A new addition to Milwaukee’s family of products, the M12™ 102 X 77 Infrared Camera is a handheld temperature measurement tool. It visually detects temperature variations in applications such as building construction and inspection, electrical, HVAC and plumbing, and mechanical uses. The tool features straightforward, simple iconography, allowing users to easily navigate and focus on the infrared view without visual interruption. Transition animation and motion design was integrated to increase user experience and ease of use.

The M12™ M-Spector Flex is a handheld visual inspection tool for areas that are hard to reach, too dark to see, and in cramped spaces like plumbing lines and HVAC systems. A detached screen allows for very challenging and inaccessible areas to be visualized; iconography and layouts are optimized for screen resolution. Image improvements increased efficiency in capturing images, how they are viewed, and adjustment settings. Added motion design helped reduce user error.