industrial design

ActivPanel 9

Next-Gen Design Evolution
industrial design

Promethean is a leader in the interactive flat panel industry, enabling teachers around the world with the technology for better instruction. Their next-generation ActivPanel 9 promises the most reliable, seamless, and secure user experience.

We jumped into this redesign mid-stream to quickly improve on the constraints and decisions already made, working in parallel with long-term design strategy goals for future products. We aimed the new panel to look classroom-appropriate, inviting, and interactive.

Not a TV

Unlike its predecessor with squared frames, chamfered corners, and flashy trims, the ActivPanel 9 evokes the same touchability of phones and tablets with friendly round corners, simple shapes, and a calming speaker pattern.


Alongside touch interaction, users can also write with dedicated pens and erasers, while the remote control allows quick input from a distance. The same approachable design elements of the panel were echoed in these accessories, completing a cohesive product family that enlivens Promethean’s brand.

Intuitive Function
in the Classroom

Distracting technology shortens lesson time for teachers and students, so we carefully considered UX and ergonomics to ensure the devices were easy to use, comfortable, and familiar. Button sizes, graphics, and LED behavior are optimized for easy interaction. Gripping the pens and erasers are equally comfortable for children and adults. The remote control has just the right amount of buttons for uncomplicated use and each one is within a thumb’s reach without adjusting grip.

Built to Last

Designed with vellum touch technology, ActivPanel 9 is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. ActivPanel 9 is integrated with a microphone that captures voices in the classroom along with improved viewing angles and writing accuracy with bonded glass. The durable design with expanded memory and flexible connection options ensure ActivPanel 9 will be a long-lasting standard in many teaching environments.