We craft holistic products.

Person profiles

Research & Strategy

Gather in-depth and grounded insights that yield real-world design solutions.


Digital Design

Holistic and intuitive interactions are connected together with UX / UI design, prototyping and motion.

Physical Design

Bridge function and elegance through industrial design, mechanical engineering, and CMF.

Digital Design

We create positive product experiences that improve customers' lives and deliver a lasting impact.

At Tactile, User Experience is at the core of everything we do. Coming from a place of empathy and exploration, we hold wide-ranging, thoughtful conversations that help us shape relevant solutions for our clients and their customers. Whether it’s building on digital platforms, framing physical interactions, or blending the two, we solve real-world problems through exceptional forward-thinking design.

Yet solving real-world problems doesn’t stop us from doing projects envisioning the future. We create envisioning work, not as eye-candy for designers, but as a meaningful tool to help brands define their “north star” for future product development. Rooted in practical knowledge and experience, our deliverables consider factors like technological constraints, user comprehension, and even the legacy of a product or service. UX Design is about solving problems, but sometimes it’s also about recasting stories in a new way that clients and customers can understand.

The Value of UX Design

We take a holistic approach to design. We know a product isn’t just another project, but an opportunity to deliver substantial impact for the people who use it. Through a balanced approach — incorporating research, strategy, and design — we derive insights to help guide products to successful adoption with their target audience. For us, it’s not just about delivering functional products, but ones that are also beautiful and enjoyable. That’s our passion which energizes us to start work each morning — albeit accentuated with a pot of black coffee.

Explore and Refine

​​Our collaborative process ensures that we meet user needs at the intersection of business goals. Beginning with exhaustive research, we seek to fully understand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. And we work hand-in-hand with our clients to investigate new opportunities and explore the possibilities. Once narrowing in on a solution, we test it with real-world conditions to ensure the product works for everyone.

We believe our clients keep returning to us for our down-to-earth and holistic approach to product design. Because at the end of the day, user experience design is all about working together to empower people.

“At the end of the day, user experience design is all about working together to empower people.”

Core Capabilities

Information Architecture

Establish a clear and complete picture of your product’s capabilities, content, and organization.

Interaction Design

Define purposeful and functional micro and macro interactions, bringing delight and ease-of-use to customers.

Visual Design

Translate and apply your brand to add beauty and life to your product.

Animation & Motion Design

Employ animated video to tell your product story or energize the onboarding experience.

Systems Building

Create a scalable and cross-product applicable design system to ensure that all future products are aligned in vision and intent.

Prototyping & Testing

Bring designs to life with interactive prototypes for user testing or engineering specifications.

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