We craft beautiful products.

Person profiles

Research & Strategy

Gather in-depth and grounded insights that yield real-world design solutions.


Digital Design

Holistic and intuitive interactions are connected together with UX / UI design, prototyping and motion.

Physical Design

Bridge function and elegance through industrial design, mechanical engineering, and CMF.

Physical Design

Combining function and elegance through timeless design, mechanical engineering, and CMF.

Industrial design at Tactile is focused on creating appropriate, relevant, and sought-after products. Our award-winning design team delivers results adhering to stringent industry standards – we love nerding-out on the details. Through an iterative process, we move from sketched concepts to refined CAD and CMF (Colors, Materials, and Finish). We pride ourselves on crafting a legacy of lasting and impactful solutions.


Great tools cultivate meaningful experiences which can improve working and living conditions. Our approach begins each design challenge thinking “Function First — Always.” That said, we’re guided by the principle that functional products should also be beautiful and enjoyable. We thread the needle that products can excel at the highest levels while still being design-forward.

Ours is not a short-term outlook. Any transformation must consider the impact on solutions and business for decades to come. That means design must be efficiently integrated into every step of a product’s evolution. This approach allows talented creatives to work closely with cutting-edge technical resources, thus avoiding missed opportunities and finding meaningful, timeless solutions that resonate throughout every detail of the final product experience.

“Functional should also be beautiful and enjoyable.”

Lasting Results

Choosing the right approach is part of developing successful products — deciding when to take a chance on a groundbreaking idea, or when to better execute an established concept. Major innovation isn’t always 180 degrees, it can be 3 to 5 degrees off of the current path. Cutting-edge ideas must be paired with refined, beautiful, and even expected features in order to connect with your customer base.

It’s important to not simply create “next year’s model” but to actually improve on what’s out there. This means the product should be more robust and user-friendly, perform tasks quicker, or provide important information that was previously unavailable. Our research-based product design helps us make products that are relevant, functional, and thoughtful.

Core Capabilities

Product Audit & Competitive Analysis

Evaluate prior successes and challenges to generate the appropriate path forward for a new or evolving product.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

See a new product develop from explorative concepts to refined 3D models for manufacturing.

Colors, Materials & Finish (CMF)

Explore a final product’s texture and tone with a timeless approach to aesthetic challenges.

Design For Manufacturing (DEM)

Work with manufacturers to arrive at the highest-quality solutions to achieve your original vision.

Model Building

Assess proportions and usability through 3D printing and physical prototyping.

Mechanical Engineering

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